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Addictions can become a self-sabotaging cycle, often accompanied by a heavy burden of guilt. Whether it's a dependency on drugs, food, or any other substance, these behaviours typically emerge as a means to conceal underlying emotions.


At Fast Fix Therapy we delve into the root causes of these addictive patterns, uncovering fascinating insights during sessions. If you find yourself grappling with addiction, I encourage you to reach out, as the path to recovery may be more straightforward than you imagine.


Understanding the reasons behind your entanglement with these behaviours can be the key to instant liberation. While each person's journey is unique, connecting with your own mind and exploring the origin of the belief that these sabotaging behaviours are necessary can offer unparalleled solutions.


Take a step towards a new beginning. It's not an inherent aspect of who you are; rather, it's a manifestation of old beliefs and trapped emotions. Your mind has fashioned a coping mechanism to shield you from pain, albeit at the cost of disrupting other aspects of your life. Through this understanding, you can grant yourself the opportunity for positive change.

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